Custom couple portrait commission: Matt + Elisabeth’s wedding. My friend made the 68 hand-stamped party favor bags with the couple’s portrait printed on the thank you tags.


Drop clothes are beautiful: #happyaccidents

Still life. (at 240 S. Broadway #102)


Proud of my sneakers. #freehand #digital #illustration


That bench warms my heart. #wip  (at 240 S. Broadway #102)

This one is titled: paint it black. Gregory is my new personal portrait photographer. #workinprogess #wip (at 240 S. Broadway #102)

After: scum-free, crack-free.

My poster for Miniature Tigers at the Walnut Room, Denver.

My poster for Ragged Union at the Walnut Room, Denver.

Making over our new unnamed art studio in the Imperial Building at 240 S. Broadway. Every inch of this place needs attention. Who paints a wall Shit Pea?


Opaque marker sale: Party in the scrapbooking dept.