Making babies. (at Sleeper Studio)

The turquoise made my feet look too big. So, I painted them black (with a heart on back).

Joan of Arc.

An owl I drew for Margot when she was a fetus.

Hands on woods.

This box cost 35¢. Nothing costs 35¢.

Our betta died. I’m sorry I’m not better at determining water quality, little batman.

Custom couple portrait commission: Matt + Elisabeth’s wedding. My friend made the 68 hand-stamped party favor bags with the couple’s portrait printed on the thank you tags.


Drop clothes are beautiful: #happyaccidents

Still life. (at 240 S. Broadway #102)


Proud of my sneakers. #freehand #digital #illustration


That bench warms my heart. #wip  (at 240 S. Broadway #102)